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Slim and elegant in design, our appliances are made to ensure your comfort in any weather.


Mini split

Our mini split appliances offer a perfect balance between cost and performance. Whether you are looking for a small energy saving 9000 Btu device or a 24 000 Btu powerhouse you can find them here. We guarantee that you will be both satisfied with our products and our prices.

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More efficient than your traditional window unit, the PTAC (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner) is a perfect choice for customers expecting versatility and high efficiency from their purchase.

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Wine Cellars

Featuring a luxurious design and an advanced temperature control system, our wine cellars allow you to enjoy your wines at an optimal temperature for optimal taste.

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Central Heat Pumps and Air Handlers

Adapted to the coldest canadian winters, these systems can bring warmth and comfort to your house or small commerce.

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