Central Heat Pumps

Keeping you warm in any weather



Designed to function under the harshest conditions, these heat pumps and air handling units were made to enhance and preserve the cosiness of your home.

  • Highly efficient compressor
  • Galvanised steel envelope
  • 24-35 btu heating power
  • 1000 test hours with salted froth
  • NEW R-410A refrigerant
  • SEER 15 HSPF 8.6
  • Standart size
  • Includes LED control panel.

Made with moisture resistant materials such as galvanised steel, specially treated plastics and tested for 1000 hours under a salted froth spray this system promises an outstanding reliability. Furthermore, maintenance is made easy by the fact that the refrigerant compartment is entirely exposed after having removed the protective plates of the air handling unit (AHU). The whole system is equipped with premium quality threaded copper tubes an hydrophilic aluminum sheets.

The LED control panel lets you program the operation of both units to suit your personal needs giving you the best air conditioning experience possible.