Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners

Fresh and clean air




SEER 20 Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump



Designed to easily fit onto any wall, these ductless mini split systems will fill your home with a breeze of fresh and clean air.

These High Wall mini split air conditioners are available in 4 capacities: 9.000 Btu/h, 12.000 Btu/h, 18.000 Btu/h and 24.000 Btu/h. They are designed to cool or heat a single area quickly, quietly and efficiently.

All indoor units feature low noise levels, horizontal and vertical air directional louvers and wireless remote controls. The wireless remote control allows the user to select the operating mode, fan speed, operation and oscillation of the air louvers. All North Cool mini split heat pumps feature energy efficient rotary compressors and environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant. Seer levels are 15 or 20, HSPF is 8.8 to 10. these are verified by our participation in the ARI certification program. The refrigerant expansion device is located in the outdoor unit, reduicng noise level in the indoor unit.

The outdoor unit also provides the power and high voltage control power for the indoor unit. Air infiltration is handled by dual washable filters and the indoor and outdoor refrigerant colls are coated to resist mold growth and to reduce corrosion. All of our mini split air conditioners feature the new Inverter technology which makes them more efficient and ecological. Combined with the R-410A refrigerant this technology increases the systme efficiency by another 15%.