SEER 20 Mini Split Air Conditioners

Ideal Solution for cooling or heating

SEER 20 Heat Pumps

Main features:

  • High energy efficiency SEER Level 20
  • Defrosting system
  • Biological filters
  • Independent dehumidification
  • Multi-fold evaporators
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Remote control
  • Wide angle but long airthrow

North Cool's last word in energy efficiency and cooling/heating efficiency, our new SEER 20 and HSPF ductless mini split systems give an unparalleled performance for maximum comfort and reliability.

Without the cumbersome duct work, this system is easy to install and requires almost no maintenance. It is the optimal solution for cooling/heating your home or small business. Aside from it's outstanding SEER and HSPF factors, these air conditioners are equiped with the Inverter technology, which makes it work so quietly it's almost unnoticeable to the ear. This feature also makes it more reliable and a better long time investment.

This mini split system also uses the new R-410A ecological refrigerant which makes it far more ecological than it's predecessors. The combination of the Inverter technology and the new R-410 refrigerant has a bonus advantage of it's own, since it increases the overall efficiency of the system by 15%.

Available in 9 Btu, 12 Btu, 18 Btu or 24 Btu
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