Inverter Technology

Latest innovations in the HVAC industry

How you can benefit from Inverter Technology

One of the latest innovations in the HVAC industry, the inverter technology introduced a whole new level of cooling/heating performance and energy efficiency.

A conventional air conditioner would start up and run at full power until the desired temperature is reached and maintain this temperature with a series of on/off cycles. This mechanism can cause voltage peaks, slowly deteriorates the inside of the air conditioners and is not smart energy-wise.

Inverter air conditioners, such as North Cool inverter mini-splits, operate by quickly reaching the desired temperature without wasting any extra energy. When the comfort temperature is reached, an advanced mechanical and electro-magnetic system using ac/dc converters and highly precise temperature sensors controls the energy input, thus, eliminating the on/off cycles that cause so much problems.

Here is the list of benefits you will enjoy from our North Cool inverter technology:

Cooling Efficiency


As you can see in the graphic above, North Cool air conditioners with the inverter technology reach the desired temperature 30% faster. Once this is done, high-tech sensors continuously evaluate the air temperature and control the influx of cooling power to maintain a comfortable environment. This approach guarantees that there will be practically no perceptible temperature variations as opposed to the air conditioners with the on/off cycle. In other words, your environment will always be at the desired temperature once the inverter air conditioner has finished starting up, guaranteeing maximum comfort.

If combined with the R-410A refrigerant

Combined with the new R410-A refrigerant, North Cool inverter mini splits are the smartest choice for preserving a healthy environment and efficiently cooling/heating any indoor environment.

Energy savings


Inverter air conditioners generally have a higher initial cost than regular air conditioners, but their efficiency pays off in the end. In fact, when frequently used, their lower operating cost allows you to save up to 40% on a monthly energy bill and protect the environment. Furthermore, conventional air conditioners also tend to slightly decrease in efficiency overtime due to the fact that their compressors wear off when continuously working in an on/off mode. Meaning that you need more energy to have the same cooling power you used to have. This problem does not exist with North Cool inverter products, giving you the best energy efficiency on the market.