Refrigerant R-410A

Protecting the environment




Made to meet the latest requirements in environmental protection and energy efficiency, the R-410A refrigerant presents many advantages when compared to it’s predecessor, the R-22. Here is the list of  benefits you would enjoy by switching to/buying a R-410A system.




Protecting the environment

 The R-410A refrigerant has a much lower indirect globalwarming potential (CO2 production at powerstation) than R 22. This, combined with the fact that R-410A has 0 Ozone Depleting Substances ( ODS) because it is a Hydrofluorocarbon ( HFC) and does not contain chlorine, makes it a much better choice environmentally-wise than the old R 22.

System reliability/longevity

The main advantage of buying a R-410A system is that it has a guaranteed increased longevity compared to the R 22. In fact, by 2010 R 22 availability will be reduced by 65% and no more R 22 systems will be manufactured. Buying a R 22 based system would increase the difficulty to find and  replace the old refrigerant.

Other advantages come from the chemical properties of the R-410A. In fact, researches have proven that the synthetic oils used by the R-410A  systems blend better with the new refrigerant than the mineral oils blend with the R 22 systems. This increases the lubrification of the compressor and other mechanical parts of the system.

Also, since R-410A absorbs and releases heat more efficiently than R 22, R-410A compressors run cooler, decreasing the risks of  having a burnout. Combined with a system that has an inverter technology, the risk of burnouts is reduced even more due to the absence of On/Off cycles.

Cooling/heating efficiency

R-410A has a much lower viscosity and density than the R 22, resulting in reduced viscous losses (i.e. pressure drop) in the whole system and more importantly in the compressor itself, which gives improved heat transfer characteristics in the evaporator and condenser, improving overall heating/cooling efficiency.

If combined with the inverter technology

The R-410A has a lower critical temperature than the R 22 . The inverter system avoids temperature peaks encountered with the on/off cycles, therefore the refrigerant is always used at it’s maximum efficiency.

North Cool is one of the only brands in the world that offers the inverter technology combined with the R-410A. It is the smartest choice to make when buying a new system.